The mission of Corbin Hill Food Project is to supply fresh vegetables and fruit where they are needed most: “Llevar alimentos frescos a las áreas más necesitadas.”

We work with farmers from upstate New York and community groups in New York City to deliver fresh, local produce to Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx — and increasingly, other New York City boroughs.

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Farm Share

The Farm Share gives communities direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown by local farmers.

How does it work? Each season, local fruits and vegetables are delivered on a regular basis to sites in New York City. Shareholders (our term for members) pay in advance to receive a share (or selection) of freshly harvested produce.

Who does it serve? The Farm Share is open to everyone. And, it is designed to meet the needs of low-income communities by offering flexible membership terms, affordable prices, and items that reflect the diverse cultures we serve.

Why Corbin Hill Food Project? When you purchase a share through Corbin Hill Food Project you are receiving more than just produce – you are becoming part of a movement that’s redefining relationships between communities, farmers, and investors.

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Corbin Hill Food Project Wholesale is an innovative social venture that delivers fresh, local, sustainably grown produce to groups in New York City that seek to improve the health of the communities they serve.


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Corbin Hill Food Project works with a growing roster of local farmers, primarily in Schoharie County (west of Albany, NY). Visit the Farm Share Map.

By partnering with small-scale farmers who are dedicated to sustainable growing practices, we can provide our shareholders the best produce, while supporting New York State agriculture.

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The Farm Share Map

An interactive map showing Corbin Hill’s network of farms and pick-up sites.

Corbin Hill Farm Map

Explore the Farm Share map to learn more about where your fruits and vegetables come from. For additional info on farms and pick-up sites, click on the map markers. To see larger map, click on the big produce icon to the left.

About Us

In New York City, we work out of our city office to distribute fresh produce to neighborhoods that have limited access to fresh food.

We partner with community organizations who host the Farm Share distribution once a week (once a month in the winter) in office buildings, church basements, living rooms, schools and universities, hospitals, sidewalks, and anywhere else the share can be accessed by residents of that community.

Upstate, our hub of operations is Corbin Hill Road Farm, a 95-acre property in the heart of Schoharie County. It is an educational farm that currently produces a small amount of fruits and vegetables for the Farm Share.

All of the farmers who participate bring their produce to a packing house, where it is then sorted and loaded onto a truck to be delivered to New York City.


Learn more about our Farmers and Partners by visiting their websites. Or browse our Press section to link to feature stories and interviews with Corbin Hill Food Project.

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