Application Tips

We want your job application to Corbin Hill to be the best that it can be! Here are some tips to help your application make it to the top of the pile:

Do your homework
A good applicant is an informed applicant! Make sure you understand who we are, what we do, and the nature of the job for which you are submitting an application. Taking the time to learn about Corbin Hill will help you come up with great selling points to strengthen your application materials as well as help you decide if our job opportunity is right for you. Your research should include: reading our website (including press coverage), doing a Google search, visiting our Facebook page, browsing our Twitter feed, and signing up for our mailing list to stay informed.

Use your cover letter to sell yourself
Unlike many employers, we actually will read your cover letter! This is the place to tell your story: why are you interested in food and farming? how have your experiences led you to this point? what makes you the best candidate for this position? Be specific and use examples from past jobs/experiences.

Let your accomplishments shine
Think of your resume as a place to boast about how wonderful you are! While we care about where you’ve worked and what you’ve done, we really want to know about what you accomplished at each of your past jobs/experiences. Don’t be shy–boast about yourself! Accomplishments come in many sizes.

Highlight passion and skills
We’re a growing company with room for a wide range of skills sets to enhance our team’s capacity. We want our team to be made up of individuals who are passionate about food, farming, and social justice, and have a great skill set to help transform their passion into positive action.

Double and triple check the details
Don’t let the excitement of finishing your application make you overlook one of the most important steps: check your work! Before hitting the send button, make sure to review the following: